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Case Studies

Dangerous Goods Packaging In Bulk

The Challenge

An Inmark client reached out to us directly to provide them with a very large quantity of dangerous goods packaging. After an audit from another organization, the client was told that they had to ship all of their product as a dangerous good, requiring an investment of time, paperwork and cost into packaging that met the noted requirements. Inmark’s regulatory compliance manager, Jay Johnson, was sent to visit the client and provide recommendations that met the client’s specific need.

The Solution

Inmark completed an in-person, comprehensive review of the client’s company, product and precise shipping needs. Following the review, Inmark found that the client could take advantage of a specific regulatory exception. As a result of identifying this exception, the client did not to have to use specification packaging, and they discovered they could ship more than 95% of their products in their existing packaging. We provided a training program that they could implement to help them identify those key factors.

The Result

By visiting the client on-site and completing an exhaustive review of their product, their current packaging and their specific needs, Inmark was able to provide a solution with significant savings, including:

Limited liability

Reduced time/paperwork

Reduced hazard fees