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Inmark's Acquisition Of Saf-T-Pak Results In Expansion Of Its Dangerous Goods Training Portfolio

Apr 21, 2015

ATLANTA, April 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Inmark's acquisition of Saf-T-Pak last week positioned Inmark as the leader in Dangerous Goods Training, specifically Division 6.2.  For over 25 years, Saf-T-Pak has offered Division 6.2 Dangerous Goods training programs focusing on IATA, ICAO, US DOT, Transport Canada, RID/ADR and Universal Postal Union regulations.

"We were particularly interested in Saf-T-Pak's proprietary Learning Management Systems, as well as their multilingual internet training programs," said David Oyler, Inmark President & CEO.  David continued, "Not only is this robust training offered in English, French and Spanish, but it is also the only web-based Division 6.2 training program to be accepted and recognized by the United Kingdom's Civil Aviation Authority."

The acquisition of Saf-T-Pak and its training portfolio aligns with Inmark's global growth strategy, specifically in Latin-America. Seeing significant growth in this market, the ability to offer Division 6.2 shipping compliance training in Spanish further complements Inmark's growth initiative. With Saf-T-Pak's 6.2 knowledge and experience and Inmark's extensive expertise, the focus moving forward will be to grow Saf-T-Pak's Dangerous Goods training program beyond Division 6.2.  For more information on Saf-T-Pak's internet training, contact Saf-T-Pak at 800-814-7484 or visit

About Inmark:
For nearly 40 years, Inmark has been a trusted source for Rigid Container, Dangerous Goods, Temperature-Controlled and Specimen Transport packaging. Headquartered in Atlanta, with locations in Europe, Asia and North America, Inmark has become a respected leader in developing packaging solutions for businesses globally. To contact Inmark, call 1-800-646-6275, or e-mail at

About Saf-T-Pak:
Saf-T-Pak is the industry's premier resource for Category A, Category B, Exempt and Temperature Controlled shipping systems needed to safely transport Division 6.2 materials in a compliant and cost-efficient manner. Saf-T-Pak also offers a suite of compliance training programs addressing the transport of Division 6.2 Dangerous Goods. Founded in 1988, Saf-T-Pak was the first in the world to introduce a nationally-certified infectious shipper. For additional information on Saf-T-Pak's line of shipping systems and transportation compliance training, call 800.814.7484 or visit