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Product Overview

  • 4G Combination Packaging4G Combination Packaging

    Inmark offers a range of compliant, UN-certified glass, metal and plastic shippers to meet your specific needs.

  • 4GV Variable Packaging4GV Variable Packaging

    Choosing the right hazardous material packaging is essential. Our 4GV variable packaging options offer the flexibility you need.

  • Specialty BoxesSpecialty Boxes

    Whatever material you use to transport your product, we offer a range of compliant specialty boxes for your needs.

  • BagsBags

    Properly prepare your dangerous goods shippers with the right bags to ensure compliance and safe transport of your product.

  • CurTec ContainersCurTec Containers

    Inmark offers cutting-edge CurTec drums and packers. CurTec containers offer superior quality, functionality and design. 

  • Spill & Salvage ContainmentSpill & Salvage Containment

    When handling hazardous materials or dangerous goods, the right spill and salvage containment products are essential to your safety.

  • Labels & PlacardsLabels & Placards

    Inmark offers a range of labels and placards to ensuring safe transport of hazardous materials. 

  • Books & SoftwareBooks & Software

    Having the right books and software to understand regulations and requirements is critical when transporting hazardous goods.