4G Combination Packaging from Inmark Packaging

Case Study

Dangerous Goods Packaging In Bulk

Jul 2012

The Challenge

An Inmark client reached out to us directly to provide them with a very large quantity of dangerous goods packaging. After an audit from another organization, the client was told that they had to ship all of their product as a dangerous good, requiring an investment of time, paperwork and cost into packaging that met the noted requirements. 

Product Overview

4G Combination Packaging

The right packaging to safely deliver your product.

Choosing the right packaging is essential to ensure compliance with all regulations and safely deliver your product to its destination. Inmark has a wide variety of 4G combination packaging to meet your specific needs. Our packaging meets all domestic and international requirements and is UN-certified. Our 4G combination packaging includes:

Glass Shippers

Depending on your specific need, Inmark offers several styles and sizes of glass shippers for your product. Our consultants can provide assistance in selecting the best options. Glass shippers include:

  • Heavy-duty 4G box
  • Insert
  • Coated bottle and cap
  • Small absorbent pouch
  • Leakproof liner

Metal Shippers

Whether you are searching for cone can shippers, F-style (Flit) can shippers or paint can shippers, Inmark metal shippers come in a range of styles and sizes to meet your specific needs. Our metal cans are opaque and non-permeable to vapor transmissions. They have been hydrostatically pressure tested and meet all performance tests for Package Group I, II and III. Metal shippers include:

  • Heavy-duty 4G box
  • Special insert

Plastic Shippers

Offering an economical and efficient option for shipping single or multiple plastic bottles, plastic shippers from Inmark are created and tested to assure compliance with all IATA, UPS, 49 CFR, IMO and TDG packaging requirements. Our plastic shippers are designed to lower chances of spills and ensure safety. Plastic shippers include:

  • UN-specified fiberboard box
  • Additional components depending on the specific shipper

Do you need assistance finding the right 4G combination packaging for your product? Visit our Product Catalog for more information. Contact us at 800-646-6275, or via email with any additional questions; we are here to help.