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Case Study

Dangerous Goods Packaging In Bulk

Jul 2012

The Challenge

An Inmark client reached out to us directly to provide them with a very large quantity of dangerous goods packaging. After an audit from another organization, the client was told that they had to ship all of their product as a dangerous good, requiring an investment of time, paperwork and cost into packaging that met the noted requirements. 

Product Overview

4GV Variable Packaging

Providing flexible, cost-efficient solutions.

When your product packaging needs need more flexibility, Inmark’s 4GV variable packaging solutions can provide a cost-effective solution. Our 4GV packages allow you to use a variety of inner containers when shipping hazardous materials, while requiring you to stock only one UN-certified box.

When ordering 4GV variable packaging, please note:

  • Packages are certified for Packaging Groups I, II and III
  • All packages are UN-certified and meet all ISTA requirements
  • Vermiculite absorbent material must also be purchased
  • Customer must specify inner container when ordering

Visit our Product Catalog for information about specific 4GV variable packaging options. Or, one of our experienced consultants can help you choose the right 4GV variable packaging to meet your specific need. Contact us today at 800-646-6275, or through our website, to get started.