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Case Study

Dangerous Goods Packaging In Bulk

Jul 2012

The Challenge

An Inmark client reached out to us directly to provide them with a very large quantity of dangerous goods packaging. After an audit from another organization, the client was told that they had to ship all of their product as a dangerous good, requiring an investment of time, paperwork and cost into packaging that met the noted requirements. 

Product Overview


Protecting your dangerous goods shipment.

The proper bag is an essential accessory to your hazardous material packaging. We offer a wide range of bags to protect your product while ensuring safety and compliance with all domestic and international regulations.

Inmark offers the following types of bags:

  • Tape-sealed pressure bags
  • Heat-sealed pressure bags
  • Leak-proof zipper bags
  • Leak-proof liner bags
  • Anti-static bags
  • And more!

Visit our Product Catalog for information about specific bags available at Inmark. Or, the experienced team at Inmark can work with you to find the perfect solution for dangerous goods shipping needs. Call us today at 800-646-6275 or through our website to learn more about our dangerous goods shipping solutions.