Spill & Salvage Containment from Inmark Packaging

Case Study

Dangerous Goods Packaging In Bulk

Jul 2012

The Challenge

An Inmark client reached out to us directly to provide them with a very large quantity of dangerous goods packaging. After an audit from another organization, the client was told that they had to ship all of their product as a dangerous good, requiring an investment of time, paperwork and cost into packaging that met the noted requirements. 

Product Overview

Spill & Salvage Containment

Supplying the equipment you need for protection.

When handling and shipping hazardous materials, safety is critical. Having the proper spill and salvage containment equipment is an essential component of your business. Inmark offers a variety of high-quality, compliant spill and salvage containment equipment to meet your needs.

Inmark offers the following spill and salvage containment equipment:

Enpac Spill Kits

Quality products are conveniently combined in these efficient spill kits. Each kit contiains:

  • 95-gallon salvage drum
  • 100 pads
  • Ten (10) 10’ socks, sixteen (16) 4’ socks
  • One (1) pack wipers
  • Five (5) disposable bags and ties
  • Two (2) pair nitrile gloves
  • Two (2) pair goggles
  • Emergency response guide
  • Instruction sheet and MSDS(s)

Salvage Drums

Safely and effectively handle damaged or leaking containers of hazardous materials with a variety of salvage drums offered by Inmark. All salvage drums meet UN/DOT 49 CFR 173.3 (c) requirements.

Recovery Supplies

Inmark offers a variety of recovery supplies to ensure you have precisely what is needed to properly recover after a spill. From wipers and gloves to goggles and pads, we have a wide range of supplies to keep you protected.

At Inmark, we are dedicated to providing you with expedient, reliable service--every time. Visit our Product Catalog for information about our specific spill and salvage containment products. Our helpful consultants are also here to help you select the best options for your business. To get started, call us at 800-646-6275 or contact us today.